Hash Mark WSB Pattern Marking Dye

10 x 4 ounce WSB

Product Details:

Powder Marker Dye

  • RATE: 1 bag/50 gallons spray mix
  • WSP’s available in Green and Blue. Both colors also available in liquid formulations 


  • Concentrated colorant specifically designed to help identify pesticide or fertilizer spray application patterns.
  • When applying solutions containing Hash Mark, an applicator can visually confirm the quality of the spray application and eliminate costly mistakes caused by skips and overlaps.
  • Formulated using dyes that are safe for the environment.
  • Temporary dye dissipates naturally and application area quickly returns to its natural appearance
  • Safe to add to any tank mix. Will not affect chemical efficacy of active ingredients. Will not injure sensitive turf, ornamentals or other plants.
  • WSB’s available in Green and Blue. Also available in liquid formulations.