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Green Velvet provides turf products & supplies, sod, grass seed, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, erosion control, athletic field products, ice melt, bird feed, equipment and more to Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana.

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      Green Velvet sod is irrigated, weed-free, disease resistant and especially chosen for Ohio’s hot summers, cold winters and everything in between.

      • Trophy Turf Type Tall Fescue

        A blend of Elite Turf Type Tall Fescue varieties. Provides deep rooting and drought tolerance. Meets the demands of Ohio's hot dry summers with the added bonus of good shade resistance.

      • Premium Kentucky Bluegrass

        A blend of 100% Elite Bluegrasses for use in full sun or slightly shaded areas. Provides dark green color with uniform texture, heat tolerance and excellent disease resistance.


      When you purchase seed from Green Velvet Sod Farms, you can be assured that the seed you plant will be the most beautiful, disease resistant, drought tolerant seed available on the market. *NOT A COMPLETE LISTING. CALL FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY.*

      • Hybrid Power Series

        Hybrid varieties are unlike the traditional Bluegrass that we have known for years. Hybrid Bluegrasses are a separate species (POA Arachnifera) that provide the beauty of Bluegrass with the drought tolerance of Tall Fescue.

      • Kentucky Bluegrass Blends & Mixtures

        Featuring Elite Kentucky Bluegrass blends and individual varieties having excellent disease resistance, dark green color and uniform leaf texture in addition to increased heat tolerance.

      • Turf Type Tall Fescue Blends & Mixtures

        Featuring Elite, Endophyte Enhanced Turf Type Tall Fescue blends and individual varieties, the perfect solution to Ohio's hot, dry summers! Green Velvet's Turf Type Tall Fescues are deep rooted and have great wear tolerance in addition to the best shade and drought tolerance available anywhere.

      • Fine Leaf Fescue Blends & Mixtures

        Not to be confused with Turf Type Tall Fescues, Fine Leaf Fescues, including Creeping Red Fescue, Chewings Fescue, Rye Fescue, Hard Fescue, Sheeps Fescue and other Individual Varieties are all season growing, low maintenance grasses with good sun and shade tolerance.

      • Ryegrass Blends & Mixtures

        Features Turf Type Ryegrass blends including Perennial, Annual and Individual varieties selected especially for their resistance to Grey Leaf Spot. Offering quick germination for sports turf, golf and home lawns.

      • Creeping Bentgrass Blends & Mixtures

        Green Velvet features an extensive line of Elite Creeping Bentgrass Blends and Individual Varieties specifically for use on golf greens, tees and fairways.

      • Wildflower Mixtures

        Exciting color for home landscaping, golf courses, parks, roadside and reclamation. Can be mixed with Fine Leaf Fescues to provide a non-competitive cover during fall and winter months when flowers are not active. Annuals flower the first year. Perennials flower from the second year on. Overseeding may be required every 3 years.

      • Specialty Seeds

        Including Clover, Crownverch, Poa Trivialias, Winter Ryegrain and more. *NOT A COMPLETE LISTING. CALL FOR AVAILABILITY AND PRICING*

      • Green Velvet Custom Seed Mixes

        Custom Grass Seed Mixes are blended to your specifications by Green Velvet Sod Farms. Please contact us for variety, price and availability. Each custom order requires a minimum of 100 lbs. of seed and 24-hour notice.


      Green Velvet supplies a wide array of products that promote plant health and continued plant protection.

      • Herbicides

        Green Velvet offers a broad selection of herbicides for control of broadleaf weeds and annual grasses.

        • Pre-Emergent

          One of the most effective ways to control weeds is to apply a pre-emergent herbicide that will prevent unwanted growth from appearing.

        • Ornamental

          Green Velvet has a plethora of products to effectively maintain ornamental plants and beds.

      • Growth Regulators

        Green Velvet stocks a variety of Growth Regulators to improve your turf quality through managed growth.


      Green Velvet offers a plethora of products to effectively maintain ornamental plants and beds.


      Choose from our selection of aquatic products to help maintain the health and look of your lake or pond year in and year out.


      For advanced wetting and water conservation, count on Green Velvet to deliver the products you need.


      Green Velvet offers a wide variety of colorants for your projects, athletic fields, golf courses, landscapes and water features.

      • Paint

        Green Velvet's water based paint is perfect for marking grassy athletic field areas.

      • Pond Colorants

        Green Velvet offers a wide variety of Pond Colorants for controlling the growth of several types of aquatic weeds and algae while aesthetically enhancing the appearance of water.

      • Spray Pattern Indicator Dyes

        To identify exactly where spray application has occurred, Green Velvet offers temporary colorants in the form of Spray Pattern Indicator Dyes.

      • Miscellaneous

        Green Velvet is committed to sourcing and supplying the unique Colorant Products that you need.


      Green Velvet Sod Farms offers an extensive line of erosion control products such as hydro-seeders, erosion control blankets and even sod!

      • Seed Establishment Mulch

        Green Velvet offers several products for use in place of straw to enhance grass seed germination.

      • Blankets

        For a wide selection of straw, net-less and wood excelsior blankets to control erosion on a variety of slopes, rely on Green Velvet.

      • Netting and Silt Fences

        Plastic netting for retention and silt temporary fences for erosion control, Green Velvet can help you keep things in place!

      • Fasteners

        Green Velvet supplies several options for securing erosion contorl netting and blankets.


      Green Velvet has the industry’s premier solution for every sports turf application, featuring the full line of Turface products.

      • Athletic Field Conditioners

        To improve safety and usability of athletic fields, rely on Green Velvet to supply your Athletic Field Conditioners.

      • Mound Clay

        Used to construct, rebuild or repair pitchers' mounds, catchers' boxes and batters' boxes, Green Velvet's Mound Clay is in stock, for immediate delivery.

      • Marking Chalk

        Harmless to soil and turf, Green Velvet's Marking Chalk is available and ready to use. Make your marks!

      • Paint

        Green Velvet's water based paint is perfect for marking all grassed athletic field areas.


      Green Velvet provides for all of your needs, including a great stock of spreaders, backpack and hand sprayers for easy application of our fine products.

      • Spreaders

        Perfectly suited for the application of grass seed, grass seed accelerators, fertilizers and ice melt materials, Green Velvet has the spreader you need!

      • Sprayers

        Green Velvet carries a complete line of professional grade backpack and hand-held sprayers for liquid application of Plant Protection Products.

      • Hoses & Applicators

        Green Velvet carries a line of professional hoses for commercial and golf course use as well as applicators needed for water soluble tablets.

      • Big Roll Attachments

        Green Velvet offers 3-point hitch and forklift attachments to aid in the installation of our 42" wide Big Roll Sod.


      Choose from any of these great safety products to keep yourself safe and compliant with current safety regulations when applying turf and ornamental products.

      • Safety Solutions Product Line

        Green Velvet now carries the entire line of Safety Solutions products! Ask for a complete product listing. Safety Solutions Catalog: www.safetysolutions.com


      For necessary and sometimes unique turf and ornamental care products, come to Green Velvet for those hard to find items that you simply must have.

      • Animal Repellents

        Use these products to keep unwanted moes, snails and slugs from taking over your turf and ornamentals.

      • Railroad Ties

        Green Velvet sells Grade A Railroad Ties for your convenience.

      • Terra-Sorb

        Use one of these hydrogel products to protect root systems by absorbing water when it's plentiful and releasing water to thirsty plants.

      • Fasteners

        Green Velvet supplies several options for securing erosion control netting and blankets.

      • Landscape Fabric

        Stop weeds before they start with these Landscape Fabric and Weed Barrier products.